Area Resource Base (ARB)
Part of the 'Imagine' Wing


167_brannel_school-smallThe ARB at Brannel School is a specialist, purpose built facility catering for Children with an Education, Health and Care plan who have complex or multiple learning needs or disabilities. Although children are primarily educated within ‘Imagine’ we strive to provide inclusive, accommodating and accessible provision for these children within mainstream if and when appropriate. Application for a placement within the ARB is coordinated by the SEN team at County Hall, Truro. Applications for ARB specialist provision are usually made direct by the Primary School SENCo during the Year 5 Annual Review process.



nodata0071Miss Doyle
ARB Teacher

Miss Doyle joined Brannel in September 2014 as the specialist ARB teacher. Prior to this she worked in a variety of primary schools within Devon and Cornwall, with her last post being as a leader in Maths, IT and Science in Mithian Primary school as well as a full time class teacher. She has a BSc (hons) in Microbiology, a PGCE in Middle years Science and more recently gained a Conversion Diploma in Psychology through the Open University.

nodata0090Mrs Oleszynski
ARB Team Leader

Mrs Oleszynski joined Brannel in 2000 as a Learning Support Assistant. Previous to this she worked as a Teaching Assistant at St Stephen Churchtown Primary School. Mrs Oleszynski also managed the Afterschool Club based at the school. In 2011 Angela moved away from mainstream SEN support work and started in Brannel’s new ARB. In 2012 she was promoted to ARB Team Leader.

Mrs Sampson
High Level Assistant Teacher

Mrs Sampson joined Brannel ARB in January 2017 as a HLTA. Previous to this she worked at Robartes Ace Academy in Bodmin and has undertaken many roles including classroom cover, supporting children with complex learning/medical needs or behavioural difficulties and planning and delivering speech and language programmes. Mrs Sampson has experience of working within a primary ARB within her previous role and has built relationships with both parents and supporting professionals. Mrs Sampson has had training in Elklan speech and language support in the classroom, Read Write Inc and has completed a Foundation Degree in ‘Arts in Teaching and Learning’.


nodata0127Mrs Grigg
Assistant Teacher

Mrs Grigg trained and worked as a chef for 12 years working in four star hotels and ran her own catering and letting business. She has been working at Brannel as an AT in mainstream for 6 years before moving into the ARB to specialise as an SEN AT in 2012. She is interested in complimentary therapies and alternative holistic provisions.


nodata0150Mrs Rowden
Personal Care Assistant

Mrs Rowden began working at Brannel school as part of the ARB personal care team in November 2015 and previous to this worked as a Teaching Assistant supporting children with behaviour and additional needs. Working within the school environment was a career change from her previous employment as a healthcare assistant within the NHS. Mrs Rowden has lived  in Cyprus, Germany and Brunei which has allowed her to travel and experience many other countries including Egypt, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Langkawi and Kota Kinabalu. Her hobbies include reading, movies, music and horse riding.

Our Pupils

We are currently at capacity in our ARB, providing education for fourteen pupils with a variety of complex and multiple needs. Our students include those with severe physical disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Language and Communication Needs or Global Developmental and Learning delay. All of our pupils are individuals and are treated as such: they have the potential to learn and be successful, and they have a unique contribution to make to the life of Brannel School. The understanding, positive attitudes and encouragement and support of our mainstream pupils towards our pupils educated within the ARB is a clear indicator of just how ‘inclusive’ our provision truly is.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to stimulate a love for learning and a passion for ‘finding out’. All our pupils will be encouraged to acquire knowledge and develop skills in both academic and social areas of the curriculum. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that in terms of subject delivery closely follows the National Curriculum; however our curriculum is also tailored to meet the needs of the individuals that learn with us, and as such it is important to emphasise that our curriculum is ever changing and flexible. As well as the academic subjects studied, the student curriculum currently includes life skills, social talk and a range of sensory curricular opportunities including TACPAC ™. At KS4 students are offered the opportunity to follow accredited courses including Entry Level English, Entry Level Maths and OCR Life and Living Skills. Options are offered for GCSE qualifications in the mainstream where appropriate. Pupils achievements are celebrated regularly and they are clearly proud of what they have learnt. All pupils are encouraged to join in the social life of the school and all attend mainstream tutor groups and assemblies on a weekly basis. Mainstream curriculum opportunities are also offered for those children that can access particular academic areas or who are ready to experience mainstream environments. Within the ARB itself we try to encourage our pupils to be as independent as possible whilst providing a safe, secure environment where pupils can feel confident to explore and develop their learning – and have fun!

Our Facilities

Our ARB is purpose built and designed and opened in September 2011, with an extension in 2016. The ARB is fully wheelchair accessible and is on the ground floor of our new building. It is a bright, airy, colourful space with an abundance of natural light. It comprising two large teaching classroom spaces, a life skills/kitchen and eating area, a therapy room with integrated hoist, a sensory room, 2 fully disability compliant large shower and toilet spaces, an incontinence changing room with integrated hoist and changing bed and a large sensory garden/enclosed outside play area with raised beds for planting. Prospective parents are more than welcome to ring for an appointment to come and see our facilities.

Our Parents

Education is a partnership between home and school and we place strong emphasis on communication with the parents of the children within our care. Every child has a Home School communication book that is filled in daily, detailing what your child has studied and other important information for the day. This ensures a very detailed record of communication and allows parents to prompt conversation in the evenings about what their child has done that day. It also serves as a useful tool to pass on important messages between home and school direct to the ARB staff. Parents are always welcome to visit, although it is useful to make an appointment so that we can ensure someone is free to show you around or answer any questions you may have!

Our Staffing

Ms Vincent is the ARB Manager and has overall responsibility for the ARB at Brannel. ARB staff also work alongside a variety of outside agency professionals including:

•Occupational Therapy
•Speech and Language support
•Educational Psychologist
•Hearing Support Service
•Autism Spectrum Team
•Visual Support Team
•NHS Support Services
•Paediatric Team