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Our School Catering Service
Since September 2014, our school catering service has been provided by an ‘in-house’ team rather than by contract caterers. The key difference is that our catering staff are employed directly by the school. They are an intrinsic part of our school community and can really support and respond to the needs of our school rather than the demands of an external contractor. Everyone benefits from this: our students receive bespoke menus of nutritionally balanced, affordable meals; the school receives a unique responsive service which is increasingly being used to enhance school activities.

Price List
Brannel Cafe - Price List March 2017

We believe our catering offer provides great value for money. We are able to offer a hot main meal plus dessert for £2.30. Students are also able to choose from a wide range of delicious lighter meals and snacks. We continue to offer a free school meal to those students who are eligible - see below for more information.


Our Catering Team

Lisa Hancock

Karen Adamson (Catering Manager)

Melanie Hudson (Catering Assistant)

Lisa Hancock (Catering Assistant)

Claire Bradd   (Catering Assistant)

Our Vision

Growing, Learning, Eating: 'Farm Gate to School Plate'

At Brannel we only serve freshly prepared, locally sourced meals. Tuesday is ‘Best of British’ day where a traditional roast option is served. Thursday is International Day; food has been the common factor in socialisation and community-building for thousands of years and, through food, our students learn about cultural similarities, differences and traditions across the world. Friday is Fish Day, with our most requested menu choice being hand-battered cod and chips.

Good food provision in schools has been shown to lead not only to healthier children, but also to improved attainment. However, we believe that providing a wholesome lunch for children is only half the battle. We aim to inspire our students to reconnect with food, to share our passion for food and to inspire people of all ages to make better food choices – for life.

At Brannel, our aim is to weave food education – cooking, growing vegetables, even modest efforts at animal husbandry – into school life and the curriculum. We have a rapidly growing body of energy and enthusiasm among our school cooks, teachers, parents, volunteers and many others who are all working to make school food at Brannel great!

The Brannel School Meals Experience

At Brannel we believe we have all of the school food jigsaw in place.

We give our students what they care about:

Food •Our food looks appetising and tastes good. •There is a mix of familiar and new foods. Our catering staff encourage students to experiment. •We are proud to use local and seasonal suppliers – and we make a song and dance about that! Our students find the idea of local produce exciting (especially when it comes from the school garden), and are more likely to try it. •We manage students’ choices to ensure they get a balanced meal instead of stuffing themselves full of bread or cake. •We offer an affordable ‘set menu’ meal which requires students to fill their plates with options from different categories, or simply to put vegetables on their plates. •We ensure tap water is widely available at all times, and encourage all students to keep well hydrated.

Environment •Our modern and attractive café and dining area is at the heart of the school and opens onto an outdoor seating area. This makes lunchtime a pleasurable experience. •We use proper crockery instead of prison-style trays! •We try to keep queuing times short. We operate a cashless payment system which not only shortens queuing times, but also enables parents to go online to see what their children are eating, and prevents FSM children being stigmatised.

Social Life •We have a stay-on-site rule for breaks and lunch time. •We allow all students to sit together – we don’t segregate those with packed lunches. •We structure the lunch break so there is sufficient time for eating as well as activities or clubs. •We give special consideration to our most vulnerable students, who might be intimidated by the noise and rush of lunch break. •Our school radio station – Crow Radio – provides music and entertainment directly to the dining area at breaks and lunchtime.

Getting the price right •Our catering service is an ‘in-house’ service. This means that we can be flexible with our prices. We are continually listening to our customers and reviewing our menu prices. Our Bronze, Silver and Gold pricing structure provides affordable, healthy food for all pockets!

Improving the brand •We encourage our teachers to eat in the dining area with students. This has a unifying effect on the whole school, and raises the status of school meals. •We make our menus available in advance to students and parents online. •We offer samples of the food for students to taste. •We hold themed events – such as World Cup day, St Piran’s Day, and international food day – to get the students excited. •We organise a group to represent students’ views on school lunch. This is led by the School Food Ambassadors who work with our School Council.

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We stand by the principles of Sustainable Food:

  • We aim to be waste-free. Reducing food waste (and packaging) saves the energy, effort and natural resources used to produce and dispose of it, as well as money. •Our menus are based on high proportions of vegetables and fruit, grains and pulses, alongside animal products produced to high-welfare and environmental standards in small amounts. This helps reduce health risks and greenhouse gases. •We buy local, seasonal and environmentally friendly food from local farms. This benefits wildlife and the countryside, minimises the energy used in food production, transport and storage, and helps protect the local economy. •We choose Fairtrade-certified products where possible. This scheme for food and drinks imported from poorer countries ensures a fair deal for disadvantaged producers. •We select fish only from sustainable sources, certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Future generations will be able to eat fish and seafood if we act now to protect our rivers and seas and the creatures living there. •We get the balance right. Our menus are based on cutting down on sugar, salt and fat, and avoiding questionable ingredients and processes such as genetic modification (GM) and some additives. •We are beginning to grow our own, and we buy the rest from a wide range of outlets. Fresh out of the garden or allotment is unbeatable, and a vibrant mix of local markets, small shops and cafes, and other retailers provides choice, variety and good livelihoods for local people.

We have adopted a ‘whole school’ approach:

  • We treat lunchtime as part of the school day, our café and dining area as an extra classroom and our cooks and lunchtime supervisors as key members of staff. •Our school cook is available throughout the school day and at parents’ evenings to answer questions from parents about their children’s eating habits. •We make sure students get consistent messages about nutrition in lessons and at lunchtime. •We choose classroom rewards for students that are not sweets. •We grow food in our school, and use some in the school lunch. •We use cooking and growing as an exciting way to teach subjects across the curriculum – from history to maths, science to enterprise, technology to geography. •We aim to offer after school cooking lessons for parents and children.

We get our local community involved:

  • We give parents, carers and grandparents the opportunity to taste school food and eat with the children at lunchtime and/or parents’ evenings. •We invite family members to help with cooking and gardening clubs. •We seek out partners in the community who can help with cooking and growing activities, e.g. local restaurants, food producers, allotment growers. •We get local chefs in to teach in our school.

Free School Meals

Schools no longer receive specific funds to cover the cost of providing free school meals (FSM) to eligible pupils. Schools are now required to use the funds available in their budgets to cover the cost of FSM. Schools are therefore not obliged to spend a specific amount of their funding on providing FSM.

At Brannel, students who are eligible for FSM receive an e-voucher which entitles them to a school breakfast and main meal. The e-voucher has a nominal value of £0.01 which shows up on the student's ParentPay account. Students are able to choose from a broad selection of healthy meal options:

  • hot main meal of the day plus dessert from the canteen;
  • any Pasta King Pot;
  • any sandwich plus yoghurt or fresh fruit;
  • hot pasty, panini or burrito plus yoghurt or fresh fruit; or
  • any other daily non-snack ‘specials’ which are classified as a meal.

In line with our commitment to encourage healthy eating, the e-voucher does not cover cakes, biscuits, other snacks or soft drinks selected as an alternative to a main meal item.

Apply for Free School Meals

To check whether your child is eligible for FSM, and to submit an application, please follow the link to Cornwall Council's website here:


Hospitality and Events Catering

We offer an events catering service. Our catering team offer truly fabulous, delicious food combined with a comprehensive professional service, from planning to clearing up afterwards, to guarantee that your event at Brannel School is totally special. Using local suppliers and going direct to the source not only results in fresher, tastier food, it also means that we can deliver a top class, quality service and still cater to suit all budgets.

Click here > Hospitality Menu

Please contact our Catering Manager for a no obligations quote. Email > [email protected]


Local Ethos

Cornwall is a special place for food and we are fortunate to have some of the best producers and suppliers in the country right on our doorstep. Wherever possible, we go direct to the source to get the finest ingredients and produce for our cuisine.

Brannel School is proud to be working with:

Brian Etherington Meat Co