Welcome to the Governance section of the Brannel School website. The Governing Body of Brannel School are all volunteers who represent the community and help shape the direction and aims of the School. Some are elected directly by parents and staff, while others are selected by the Local Authority or co-opted by the Governing Body.

The Governing Body have a number of functions, some of which are delegated to committees or to the Headteacher. Primarily our role is to support and challenge the school, its staff and students, to achieve the very best quality of secondary education.


• Attend Full Governing Body meetings – 5 or 6 year
• Undertake bespoke training – three times a year and attend LA organized events
• Attend committee meetings
• Undertake staff interviews
• Visit the school and monitor the delivery of school policies
• Undertake the performance review of the headteacher
• Deal with serious matters of complaints and issues of capability and disciplinary nature

For more details please contact us through our Clerk to the Governing Body, Mrs C Thomas