Governor Committee Structure


Governors’ Committees: have delegated powers and functions, while working and task groups prepare recommendations for consideration by the full governing body. There are currently three standing Committees:

Curriculum, Standards & Students Committee: the primary purpose of this committee is to ensure the quality of education offered by the school in terms of the curriculum offered, standards and progress achieved, and support and challenge to all students. Responsibilities include statutory requirements relating to curriculum, target setting and assessment procedures, SEN provision, behaviour and attendance and student voice. The current Chair of this committee is Mr Nick Dixon.

Personnel Committee: the primary purpose of this committee is to ensure that the school operates within the bounds of current employment law relating to all staff issues, including appointments, training and development, pay and conditions and grievance, disciplinary and capability. The current Chair of the committee is Mrs Tracy Caff.

Resources Committee: the primary purpose of this committee
 is to ensure the quality of education provision by making the most effective use of resources. Responsibilities include approving the school budget, monitoring school premises and health & safety compliance, catering and finance, operating within statutory and Local Authority regulations for schools. The current Chair of Resources is Mrs Samuel Patmore.

Other Statutory Committees: these are convened when needed – for example, the appointment of staff, the appraisal of the Headteacher, to consider a disciplinary matter or to hear an appeal against a pupil exclusion.

Working groups: do not have delegated decision-making powers but prepare recommendations for committees of the full governing body. Currently, there are two working groups:

Development & Strategy Group: the primary purpose of this group is to provide guidance on policy issues, ensure that policies are reviewed and updated, organise governor elections/appointments and draft and monitor the governor self evaluation and action planning process. This group consists of the Chairs of each Committee, plus the Chair and the Headteacher. Other governors may also be invited to join this group and one meeting each term is held between the DSG and the Senior Leadership group of staff.

Parental Engagement Group: which is tasked with considering how best to develop links with parents.