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nodata0052Miss Millat
Teacher of History

Miss Millatt joined Brannel School in January 2015. She gained her History degree at Cardiff University and completed her teacher training at Bath Spa University. Miss Millatt has taught in a range of institutions including Newquay Tretherras, Cornwall College St Austell and Yokohama language school Japan.


nodata0140Miss Mayes
Teacher of History




Key Stage 3
Year 7

Term 1: What is history? Learning about the basics of archaeology and how we know about the past. How did the Normans conquer England? The 1066 contest for the throne. Life in medieval England. How did attitudes to the church change? Medieval Church. Power struggles between church and state. Monks and nuns. Term 2: How did attitudes to the church change? Reformation Tudor and Stuart changes to the church and the political impact of these. Who was the greatest Tudor monarch? Comparison work on monarch Henry VIII to Elizabeth I. Term 3: Was the Civil War English? Causes and results of the Civil War around the British Isles. How can we remarket heritage sites to remember the Civil War? Project work and visit to castle. What were living and working conditions like during the Industrial Revolution? Factory working conditions.

Homework is set on a termly basis with a large piece of homework which should take between 5 and 7 weeks to complete. This is always a task which is National Curriculum Level assessed and forms an integral part of the reporting process. Castle Guide Write a guidebook for a British Medieval Castle. Gunpowder Plot Prepare a resource to help younger children access the events of the Gunpowder Plot. Tudor Court Story Create a piece of historical fiction set at the court of one of the Tudor monarchs.

Key Stage 4
GCSE History

Pupils at Brannel School have the opportunity to study Modern History to GCSE. Currently, this is done over one year and the topics are covered as below.

 GCSE History course content  What content will I study within this part of the course?
 UNIT British Depth study How was British society changed 1890 – 1918? Examination – Paper 2 1 hour 30 minutes 30% of total mark
  • How did the British government improve living conditions during the early twentieth century?
  • How and why did women gain the right to vote in Britain?
  • How effectively did the British government control and organise British society during the Great War?
 UNIT Core content The Cold War 1945 - 1975 Examination – Paper 1 2 hours 45% of total mark
  • Who was to blame for the Cold War?
  • Who won the Cuban missile crisis?
  • Why did the US fail in Vietnam?
 UNIT Depth study USA – Land of freedom Examination – Paper 1 2 hours 30% of total mark
  • Why was there a Red Scare in the USA in the 1950s?
  • The US Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s
  • What discrimination have Native Americans / Hispanic Americans / women / faced within US 20th century society.
 UNIT Historical Enquiry Controlled Assessment 2000 word essay (approx)
25 % of total mark
  • Terrorism in the twentieth century

A controlled assessment question is set externally by OCR

Revision Materials and Resources:

•Resources are available for all course via GCSE history on Moodle.
•GCSE History B Modern World Revision Guide. These will be made available to students when appropriate.
•Booster sessions Wednesday’s after school.
http://www.johndclare.net Resources available for Modern World Revision.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize Variety of Resources available for revision.

Exam Board Information:

OCR Modern World History B www.ocr.org.uk for information re. Modern World Course