Spring Term 2017


Wednesday 4 January 2017 to Friday 31 March 2017.

Half term Friday 10 February 2017 to Friday 17 February 2017 inclusive.

Summer Term 2017

Thursday 20 April 2017 to Wednesday 26 July 2017.

Half term Monday 29 May 2017 to Friday 2 June 2017 inclusive.


Holidays in term time


In line with government guidance, you are required to gain the permission of the Headteacher if you wish to take your child out of school during term time. It is the policy of Brannel School that the Headteacher will grant permission only under exceptional circumstances.

Please note that you can be fined for taking your child on holiday during term time without the Headteacher's permission. Unauthorised absence may accumulate to the extent which could involve the need to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecution.