Structure of the Local Governing Body

The local governing body of Brannel School are all volunteers who represent the community and help shape the direction and aims of the School. The local governing body meets at least once every term.

Our local governing body is currently comprised as follows:

  • Deputy Trust Lead of Cornwall Education Learning Trust
  • Headteacher of Brannel School
  • Two staff governors
  • Three parent governors
  • Three community governors

The term of office for any governor is four years, with the exception of the Deputy Trust Lead and Headteacher who remain a governor for the duration of their employment in post. Parent governors may continue to hold office until the end of their term of office even if their child leaves the school.

The local governing body currently has no subcommittees.

Remit of the Local Governing Body

Brannel School is part of the Cornwall Education Learning Trust (CELT) which is a multi-academy trust. CELT is a single legal entity but its board of trustees and members is accountable for a number of academies in the chain. Each academy has a local governing body to which the CELT board delegates some governance functions.

Under the Scheme of Delegation the Headteacher is accountable to the local governing body for the performance of the school.

The Government White Paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere, published in March 2016, sets out a vision of a school-led system that is firmly focused on delivering educational excellence and which has high-calibre leaders at its heart, both in teaching and in governance. Members of our local governing body are appointed because they have core skills that include:

  • a strong commitment to the role and to improving outcomes for pupils
  • inquisitiveness to question and analyse
  • willingness to learn
  • good inter-personal skills
  • appropriate levels of numeracy skills to understand basic data and literacy in English.
  • expertise and experience in performance data, budgeting and driving financial efficiency
  • expertise and experience of dealing with performance management and employment issues, including grievances

Local Governing Body Members

Sarah Karkeek
Deputy Trust Lead

Chair of Governors

Appointed 01.11.2017-Present
Term of Office: for the duration of employment in post

I have been a school governor for over thirty years and have been a National Leader of Governance for seven years.

I have had the privilege of working with young people, their families and the staff who teach and support them at all key stages of the education journey from Early Years to the end of Key Stage 5.

This oversight has helped me to understand the importance of good education and the vital role our schools play in preparing each young person for the next stage of their life journey.

Governors too play a critical role overseeing and monitoring every aspect of the delivery of the school’s offer and, like all those involved with our schools, work tirelessly as volunteers to support the educational experience of our children.

I am proud to be a governor at Brannel School.

Sarah is the Pupil Premium Governor.

Chris Liles
Headteacher of Brannel School
Appointed 01.09.2019-Present
Term of Office: for the duration of employment in post

Amanda Crowle
Parent Governor
Appointed 01.11.2017
Term of Office: 4 years
Amanda is HE Registry, Quality and Data Manager at the Cornwall College Group.

Amanda is the SEN and Children in Care Governor.

Sam PatmoreSam Patmore
Vice Chair of Brannel Local Governing Body, Community Governor
Appointed 01.11.2017
Term of Office: 4 years
For almost two decades Sam worked for London Underground. His area of specialism is health and safety policy and he believes that a healthy and safe working and learning environment is essential to help raise school standards.

Sam is the Health and Safety Governor.

Martin BuckMartin Buck
Community Governor
Appointed 01.02.2018
Term of Office: 4 years

Martin qualified as a teacher in 1970. After teaching art in Sheffield and Germany, he took a job with the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong for 21 years. He now volunteers for a large national charity including organising outreach talks to local schools and groups and is responsible for IT.

Martin is the Safeguarding Governor.

Lisa Martin
Parent Governor                                                                                                          Appointed 15.12.2020
Term of Office: 4 years

I have been qualified as a nurse since 1996 and have always worked at RCHT until I left to join the Duchy Hospital in December 2019. I am fortunate enough to love nursing and have pretty much always worked as a surgical nurse and this continues in my current role. I have always lived in Cornwall and have been a Parent Governor at St Stephen Churchtown Academy while my children went to school there. I am committed to my new role and excited to learn more about Brannel School, the staff and the students in the next few years. It is important to me that children and staff are supported and happy in a school environment as I believe that the path of every child’s education matters and forms a base for their futures in whatever role that they choose.

Matthew Dean

Parent Governor                                                                                                          Appointed 22.04.2021

Term of Office: 4 years

Dennis Morrell
Staff Governor – non-teaching staff
Appointed 3.11.2020
Term of Office: 4 years

Sarah Carbis
Staff Governor – teaching staff
Appointed 3.11.2020
Term of Office: 4 years

I have worked at Brannel school for 5 years as a Mathematics teacher and have a passion for ensuring that we provide a quality education for all our students. I was appointed to the post of Staff Governor in Autumn 2020,  

I completed my Masters in Chemistry at Edinburgh University with a year’s experience working as an industrial Chemist for Imerys. I then completed my teaching qualification at Exeter University. I taught at a local secondary school before working as the Education Coordinator for the Royal Society of Chemistry for the South West then moving to Brannel and switching subjects to Maths.  

I am passionate about all our students achieving their best and about raising aspirations. I have two young children and enjoy baking and enjoying the Cornish coast in my spare time.