Personal Training

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The Jonathan Fox Fitness Suite offers personal training sessions to all annual and standing order monthly as part of the membership package. There are several benefits to personal training:

  1. You can get more out of each workout, for a huge increase in progress
  2. You receive a bespoke fitness programme that is tailored for you and your personal fitness goals
  3. It allows you to set and achieve specific fitness goals for you
  4. It makes you less likely to skip sessions so that you stay on track with your fitness
  5. It offers a greater variety in workouts so that it’s fun and interesting
  6. Motivation is easier to maintain when you have a personal trainer by your side
  7. You will receive easy to follow nutritional programme for amazing weight loss results

All Standing Order and Annual Members receive a monthly 1-to-1 personal training session, which can help you to re-focus your workout on the exercises that are really going to give you results and you will also receive personalised advice and support from Emma Webb, our personal trainer.

Fitness Classes

The Jonathan Fox Fitness Suite offers a variety of fitness classes each week:

– Kettlercise,
– Circuit Training,
– Zumba,
– Fitsteps

Standing Order and Annual members can attend unlimited classes at no additional cost to their membership.

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