Mr A Edmonds Headteacher
Mr M Cooper Deputy Headteacher
Mr M Goodwin Deputy Headteacher
Mr N Richards Assistant Headteacher
Ms E Fletcher School Business & Enterprise Manager
Mrs L Hocking Head of English 
Mrs E Burnett Teacher of English
Miss L Chapman Teacher of English
Mrs L Harrison Teacher of English 
Mrs A Ireland Teacher of English
Mrs K Neethling Teacher of English
Mrs K Wherry Teacher of English/ Head of House
Miss C Woudberg Teacher of English/ Head of House
HLTA English
Mrs D Kite-Williams Head of Mathematics
Ms L Burden Teacher of Mathematics
Mr A Blizzard Teacher of Mathematics
Miss A Frew Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs S Carbis Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs G Matthews Teacher of Mathematics
Mr J Worthington Teacher of Mathematics
Mr D Morse HLTA Mathematics
Mrs R Blizzard Head of Science
Mr G Coles Teacher of Science
Mrs S Crossland Teacher of Science
Mr J Doolan Teacher of Science
Mr R Ellis-Davies Teacher of Science
Mrs C Pearson Teacher of Science
Miss J Le Page HLTA Science
Mr M Reid Science Technician
Mrs L Wake Head of Humanities and MFL
Mrs T White Head of Geography
Miss R Mayes Teacher of Humanities
Miss K Millat Teacher of History
Mr N Richards Teacher of Geography
Mrs C Dyer Teacher of Religious Education
Mr R Leo Teacher of Humanities and MFL
HLTA Humanities
Miss G Byrt Head of Art, Design & Technology
Mr C Duenas Teacher of Design & Technology
Miss J Gaiety Teacher of Design & Technology
Mrs P Chilton Teacher of Art
Mr J Grimshaw Design & Technology Technician
Mrs S Kitts Catering Technician / Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mr A Harris Head of Physical Education
Mr M Bright Teacher of Physical Education/ Head of House
Mrs C Dyer Teacher of Physical Education
Mr R Farrer Teacher of Physical Education
Miss K Williams Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs G Hird-Edwards Head of Performing Arts
Mr D Morrell Music Technician
Miss R Gomes Teacher of Drama
Mr A Makepeace Head of Computing
Mr J Webb Teacher of Computing
Mrs L Wake Head of Humanities and MFL
Mrs K Elford Teacher of Languages
Miss L Trula Languages Assistant
Mrs V Rolls SENDCo 
Miss Z Errington Assistant SENDCo
Mrs A Oleszynski ARB Team Leader
Mrs L Doyle ARB Teacher
Mrs A Sampson Higher Level Teaching Assistant (ARB)
Mrs M Grigg Assistant Teacher (ARB)
Mrs J Howard Assistant Teacher (ARB)
Miss J Lees Assistant Teacher (ARB) 
Mrs B Griffiths Personal Care Assistant
Mrs J Rowden Personal Care Assistant (ARB)
Mrs A Wood Personal Care Assistant (ARB)
Mr A Trudgian Cover Supervisor
Mrs J Hazelton Assistant Teacher 
Mrs T Luke Assistant Teacher 
Mrs S Turner Assistant Teacher
Mrs L Dingle Assistant Teacher 
Mr D Philp IT Network Manager
Mr L Piper IT Assistant Network Manager
Mrs M Harris Exams and Data Manager
Mrs E Wilkins Exams and Data Assistant
Mrs C Hunt Student Welfare Officer
Mr C Wyatt Pastoral Support Officer
Ms L Dando Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs J Nash Inclusion Mentor (part time)
Mrs N Barnes Inclusion Mentor (part time)
Mrs A Hearn School Counselor
Miss L Pedlar Extended Schools Programme Manager
Mrs C Thomas  School Administrator, Headteacher's PA, Clerk to the Governors
Mrs C Grist  Clerical Assistant, Deputy Headteachers' PA
Mrs M Matthews Clerical Assistant (Finance)
Mrs T Luke Clerical Assistant
Mrs T Behn Clerical Assistant and First Aid Lead
Mrs K Cotton Clerical Assistant (Finance)
Mrs R Sargent Librarian
Mrs K Adamson Catering Manager
Mrs C Bradd Catering Assistant
Mrs L Hancock Catering Assistant
Mrs H Monteiro Catering Assistant
Mrs L Hawkey Premises Manager
Mrs T Behn Cleaner
Mrs J Morse Cleaner
Mr A Phillips Cleaner
Mrs C Robinson Cleaner 
Mrs B Taylor-Hoare Cleaner 
Mrs T Trethewey Cleaner 
Miss M Williams  Cleaner