Saturday Sessions

Saturday Sessions


Saturday morning Family Sessions offers yourself and your children the chance to work out together to get your weekend off to a great motivational start. Your Fitness Instructor is on hand to give HIIT Posteryou exercise advice to make your family sessions more upbeat and fun. You can set our circuit clock and let the children design a family circuit program or design their own workout program with their Instructor. We even offer a student reward scheme where if you make 10 visits and get your student reward card stamped we reward you with a prise (Saturdays only). Earn extra reward stamps by bringing your School friend (max 2 children to 1 Adult) (Please note that children must be a student of Brannel School and that all adults using the Fitness Suite must be a Member)

You can also sign up for our new Saturday morning 12 week Nutritional and Weight Loss advice group (9.30am-10am) this includes a half hour HIIT workout (10am-10:30am) our next session commences on Saturday 9th January 2016 helping you beat the Christmas Bulge.

12 Week Nutrition Plan

For more information email Emma Webb

If you aren’t getting the results you want from your daily jog around the block or weekend spin on the bike trail, interval training can take your body’s fat-burning to the next level. Moderate, steady state workouts improve aerobic fitness but do not yield a large amount of weight loss. Interval training is a boon to people who have little time to work out. Research shows that people who engage in interval training burn more fat in a shorter amount of time than folks who exercise at a constant intensity level. Individuals who want to focus on reducing body fat should engage in high intensity, intermittent exercises rather than jogging, walking or cycling at a steady pace.


Please check out our new HIIT class which is FREE to all members. (Non-Members also welcome). If you would like to sign up please contact Emma Webb as there are limited places each week.