Student Leadership

Student leadership at Brannel is a central strand of student achievement that enables confidence building to raise aspirations and recognise the talent of the student body. We aim to provide opportunities for learners to develop leadership skills, empowering partnership between students and staff to gain a deeper understanding of the organisation; leading to a shared vision and virtues, increase in global standards and contribution to the community they live in.

School Council

School councils are an excellent way in which to increase participation, teaching young people about democracy, local and global citizenship and accountability. Brannel’s School Council is a formal group of students who are elected by their peers to represent them and their views. Our School Council allows our students to have a real say in issues that affect them and to know that their opinions count. It is an important and useful way to provide leadership and development opportunities for young people. Members of the Student Council regularly report on their activities and seek further input from the rest of the school community.

Our School Council is comprised of student representatives from all years. They meet regularly to discuss ideas, suggestions and concerns from students across the school. They work together with staff to help make decisions that will improve school life.

Most recently the Council have worked to:

  • Raise awareness and reduce the use of plastic across the school, especially in the school canteen
  • Consult with senior management on school uniform
  • Implement a plan to introduce unisex toilets in half of the school
  • Encourage the school to participate in local youth politics

Eco-Schools Programme

We have decided as a school to do our bit to help address climate change. In collaboration with all the other secondary schools across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly we have drawn up a Green Charter for Schools. As part of our commitment to the Green Charter, this year we are looking to gain Eco-School status. This will help to empower our students to drive change and improve their environmental awareness.

PADL Award

In June 2017, Brannel School became one of the first secondary schools in Cornwall to achieve a PADL Award. Members from our School Council went to the Cornwall Council Chamber to make a short presentation about the work they’ve been doing over the past year and were presented with a Bronze PADL Award. This year the School Council will be working towards the Silver Award.

PADL stands for Promoting Active Democracy Loudly and is a set of standards for primary and secondary school councils which guide and measure effective student voice, representation and leadership within schools.

School Ambassadors

School Ambassadors are selected through an application process in the summer term of Year 10. The Ambassadors must have a past record of good school attendance and student participation. Student leaders undergo leadership training, support at key events, provide tours of the school and have duties around the school during break and lunchtimes. The Head Boy and Head Girl, and their deputies, are selected from the Ambassador team. The Ambassadors represent the whole student body and are involved in the planning and organisation of key school activities such as the Year 11 Prom and JulyFest.

School Sports Captains

Students support the provision of their team sport. These students are selected by the PE department based on effort, results and commitment to the sport. Also, each of the school’s five Houses selects Sports Captains who work closely with their Head of House to promote and develop sporting activities and competition counting towards the House Cup competition.