Welfare Issues

Let us Know!


If your child is going through a particular hard time, which you feel is affecting school, or life in general, and would like them to have some extra support to help them cope with this, we can help you. This could include family bereavement or ill health, financial difficulties at home, being a young carer, bullying, alcohol or drug problems, health issues, etc.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Education Welfare Officer, Mrs Caroline Hunt, m: 07718 425913, Email Mrs Hunt

Mental Health Awareness Support


If you, or your child, need help and advice around any issues that could be affecting their mental health, then we can help support them through this. This could be:

We have staff who are able to help support your child with these issues. We are also able to signpost to other agencies for more specific targeted support.

Signposting to Other Agencies


We maintain regular contact with a number of agencies that can provide support and advice for either you as a family, or for your child while they are in school. If you have a particular concern, and we are not able to provide the best solution, then the chances are we will know someone who can.

A few agencies we have regular contact with are:
•Family Information Service
•Primary Mental Health Service/Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service
•Police Youth Intervention Officer
•Counselling Services, including Kooth, Anti-Bullying Cornwall
•Family Support Teams
•Youth Service, including local youth centres

Useful Links


www.penhaligansfriends.org.uk – Offers breavement support for young people, children and their families in Cornwall

www.kernowyoungcarers.org – working with children and young people to make the caring role a more positive experience by offering support, information and guidance

www.supportincornwall.org.uk – information, advice and support available to families in Cornwall

www.addaction.org.uk (YZUP) – offers support, information and advice to young people under the age of 18 about drugs and alcohol

www.cornwallfoundationtrust.nhs.uk/schoolnursingcornwall – school nurse service provides young people with early help to support them to have the best health and education

www.youthkernow.org.uk – support for young people in Cornwall

www.abccornwall.org.uk – support for young people in Cornwall who have fallen victim of bullying