“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” (Martin Luther King Jr)


This is one of our favourite quotes about education from a truly inspirational leader. It is a goal that all staff and students at Brannel hold central to all that we do. At Brannel School we are passionate about education and we are unapologetically ambitious for every child, no matter what their background, prior attainment or individual needs. Our vision is student centred and places the very best teaching and learning at its heart. Our students and staff challenge themselves to aim as high as they can and be the best they can be.

As a school, we attain excellent GCSE results. Our students achieve academic standards of excellence, enabling them to move on to the next stage of their education and hold their own against any competition nationally. We aim to produce high performers who have the ambition, drive and opportunity to ‘climb the mountain’ to the best universities and professions.

Our philosophy is that focusing on every child’s individual needs and unique strengths enables them to flourish, enhances the climate for learning, and enables the whole school community to grow. In this way we deliver excellent outcomes for every student. Brannel students strive for their own personal best.  We foster self-discipline, creativity, high self-esteem, determination and confidence. Our students make healthy, wise and principled choices that lead to happy and fulfilled lives. Ultimately, our students are prepared to make a positive contribution to our global society.