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Year 7


Year 8


Year 9

We introduce Construction to our students with a very hands-on approach through practical tasks based around carpentry, brick laying, decorating, plumbing and electrical work. Students will gain the knowledge of health and safety on site working with tools, machinery and a deeper understanding of the industry.

Year 10

Students are given the opportunity to choose 3 specialisms to master in the construction industry that will continue throughout year 11.

Through a series of theoretical planning lessons and practical tasks, students will develop their own portfolio of work that demonstrates critical thinking and problem solving with references to maths and science, tools and equipment and health and safety. Each student will be required to analyse and evaluate their work throughout and make reasonable suggestions for improvements.

Year 11

This year enables the students to apply their knowledge to the final principle of their chosen specialisms in the construction industry and to demonstrate their understanding on the two written tasks. Students will apply their understanding to a range of health and safety in construction questions and apply their knowledge to real life scenarios.

Curriculum Approach

The course is designed to specifically allow students to develop knowledge and understanding through a variety of learning experiences and approaches, including engagement with sources. This will allow them to develop the skills to explore, create and communicate their own ideas.

Phase of Education Specific Requirements

Courses available to pupils at key stage 4, including GCSEs

  • WJEC Construction and the Built Environment Specification

Find Out More

To find out more about the independent tasks for KS3, please refer to the Realsmart portfolios. Here you will also find more details about end of unit assessments and the criteria that we use to assess student progress. Alternatively, please contact the head of department or your child’s class teacher.

Future Careers

Careers linked to the construction industry include: brick layers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, building surveyors, engineers, civil engineer, labourer, construction supervisor and managers, landscaper, painter and decorator, plasterer, scaffolder, surveyor, welder.

Revision Resources

Unit 1 – DTT Sheet 2019

Unit 1 Revision Booklet JG

Unit 1 – Past Paper with Answers

Unit 3 – Content

Unit 3 DTT Sheet 2019

Unit 3 – Past Paper with Answers