Latest News: Young Carers Climb to success and seek out recognition

Brannel School have identified over 20 young carers, and have actively put in extra support for this group, including producing a whole school policy for our young carers. We wanted to use the Brannel Challenge period as a way for the young carers to work together, and give them the opportunity to show others how important their role is, but also how it can affect them at school.This Brannel Challenge period was very special in that we were able to provide the opportunity for Brannel School’s young carers to get together as a group, and enable them to spend time together, share experiences – and have some fun at the same time! The group were able to improve their skills around team working, building confidence, encouragement of others, adaptability and self-motivation.








The group also spent time creating some art work to express how they feel as a young carer. Every member of the group contributed towards the work, which will be displayed in school.











The group also had to work as part of a team to complete a Treasure Hunt around St Austell. They had to seek out answers to geography, history and general knowledge questions. They also had to photograph requested items, including pictures of themselves! The group really engaged and achieved excellent results.

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In the final session, the group reflected on their time spent together, and identified that they would like the group to continue to meet termly to take part in events together.

National Young Carers Awareness Day - Thank You Donation Letter Brannel

If you would like more information about support for young carers in school, please contact Caroline Hunt on 01726 822485 or [email protected]