School Uniform

Why School Uniform Matters

  • Wearing a smart school uniform signifies respect and pride in the school, and a pledge to learn. A student who is proud of their school is a student who is ready to learn.
  • A smart and distinctive school uniform helps create the public perception that a school is high-performing and aspirational.
  • In addition, wearing a uniform helps students prepare for the next stage of their education and career where personal presentation is a critical part of the interview process. Dressing smartly implies professionalism and excellence.

Guidance on School Uniform

We provide a clear policy on our school uniform which we hope will be useful in helping to understand the school’s expectations. Please refer to the School Policies page of this website for our Uniform and Appearance Policy.

Additional detailed guidance is available here: Uniform Guidance Sept 2022

Parents should note that, in line with our Behaviour for Learning Policy, sanctions – including detention – will be awarded to students who repeatedly fail to wear the full school uniform correctly.

School Uniform Supplier

Uniform should be purchased through our approved uniform provider – Macron – either online or by visiting the Macron shop in Indian Queens.

NEW School Skirtorder now

The new school skirt is available to pre-order now and will be available from July 2023 onwards.  The school has several school skirts in a variety of sizes to try on to help with ordering.  Please contact the school to arrange.