School Uniform

Why School Uniform Matters

Wearing a uniform is about having a sense of pride and belonging. A uniform shows that you are part of an organisation; it says: “We’re all in this together.” Every single student contributes to the identity of Brannel School as part of our local community, and wearing your uniform smartly is your pledge to do your very best to model our school values and expectations.

Our students all wear the same uniform, and we enforce our uniform policy strictly. When everyone is dressed the same, worrying about what you look like isn’t so important. When everyone is dressed the same, no one can be singled out or made to feel they are not good enough because of the way they are dressed. Every student in every classroom is able to focus on learning, rather than the latest fashion trends.

Our school uniform isn’t meant to be fashionable, and we make no apologies for that. Wearing it correctly and smartly is part of what helps every student to feel a sense of belonging and pride in our school, and a sense of place within our local community.

Guidance on School Uniform

We have a policy on school uniform which clarifies our expectations. Please refer to the School Policies page of this website for our Uniform and Appearance Policy. Additional detailed guidance on individual uniform items is available here: Guidance on Uniform, Appearance & Equipment 2023-24

Parents should note that, in line with our Behaviour for Learning Policy, sanctions will be awarded to students who repeatedly fail to wear the full school uniform correctly.

School Uniform Supplier

Uniform should be purchased through our approved uniform provider – Macron – either online or by visiting the Macron shop in Indian Queens.

NEW School Skirtorder now

The new school skirt is available to pre-order now and will be available from July 2023 onwards.  The school has several school skirts in a variety of sizes to try on to help with ordering.  Please contact the school to arrange.