-For Business Volunteers

Why get involved?

At Brannel School we are busy growing your employees of the future. We need your help to raise their career aspirations, develop their employability skills and learn more about the exciting industries in Cornwall.

Being part of our business support network will provide you moments of great satisfaction but striving to make a difference can also be an exciting challenge. Having employers like you helping to inspire young minds and transform attitudes through a range of activities and opportunities is the foundation of an excellent careers programme as set out by the Gatsby Foundation’s eight Benchmarks of good practice and the Careers and Enterprise Company.

Brannel School has the benefit of a key business volunteer who works with us on a strategic level, encouraging the development of our careers programme and connecting us to the business community across the county. This role is recognised nationally as an Enterprise Adviser (EA) and they are part of the Cornwall Careers Hub community of support driving the connection between careers education and the business sector. For a list of Cornwall businesses who are volunteering in the EA role please visit the CIoS Careers Hub website.

Becoming a Business Volunteer at Brannel will challenge and reward you. The excitement and satisfaction of mentoring, of transforming attitudes and helping young people open their eyes to the world of enterprise keeps many of our volunteers coming back year after year.

Business volunteering is good for the community, good for those who volunteer, and good for your company. We cannot design a dynamic careers programme which provides our students with meaningful experiences of the ‘real world’ of work without you.

What can I offer?

  • Be part of our mock interviews with Year 10 students and help them structure their CVs.
  • Get involved in extracurricular clubs and activities.
  • Give an inspiring talk based on your industry or job role.
  • Provide a coaching/mentoring service through a structured programme.
  • Run a hands-on workshop with activities relating to your area of expertise.
  • Be part of our discussions about pathways after school, eg apprenticeships.
  • Help champion specific issues and challenge barriers in the workplace around gender stereotyping, disability etc.
  • Help bring a subject lesson to life by linking it to your industry.
  • Offer a work experience placement for students at you business premises.
  • Become an ambassador supporting employment routes for young people with special educational needs and disabilities and offer a work experience placement that is co-supported by the school.
  • Provide a Supported Internship opportunity.

We are particularly keen to hear from you if you are able to help our students to recognise and challenge the stereotypes – related to both gender and socio-economic – that can limit career choices and opportunities.

If you wish to discuss how you can work with the school please contact our Careers Leader.

What can I expect when I visit Brannel?

Your contact at the school will help you to come up with a well-planned schedule and well-coordinated logistics. This will help your visit go as smoothly and professionally as possible, making best use of your time.

We also really value your feedback. It is important to evaluate the session or activity that has taken place from both a student and business perspective.

We understand that presenting to a large group of teens can be a daunting prospect. We have put together a brief guide which you might find useful: Brannel School Employer Brief

What safeguarding checks will I need?

This depends on the activity you want to get involved in. Please contact Mrs Christine Thomas, School Administrator, who will discuss the safeguarding checks with you on an individual basis.

email: [email protected]