Statutory Context

The government’s Careers Strategy published in December 2017 sets out clear guidance to schools and colleges about Statutory Guidance for School Leaders and optional best practice. The aim is to help all secondary schools and colleges implement high quality careers guidance to help young people make more informed decisions around their future choices.

The new Ofsted School Inspection Framework is now being implemented, having come into action from from September 2019.


Summary: Our Careers Programme at Brannel

Our comprehensive careers programme is available to all students from Year 7 onwards. We believe that it is important for our students to develop transferrable skills and good working practices which will enable them to become more employable in whatever field they choose to pursue in the future throughout their time with us.

A large number of events take place alongside work within lessons to enable our students to achieve the following yearly goals:

  • Year 7: finding out what is available regarding careers and associated advice and support.
  • Year 8: developing the skills necessary to make informed decisions regarding option subjects and beyond.
  • Year 9: developing transferable skills and resilience to enhance employability.
  • Year 10: making informed decisions about the future (beyond the age of 16).
  • Year 11: becoming more employable, resilient and ready for the world of work.

Our students participate in many careers events including:

  • Assemblies from employers in many workplace sectors.
  • Our on-site careers fair which is supported by a huge number of employers and education providers.
  • Careerpilot workshops.
  • Employability masterclasses.
  • ‘I love my job’ sessions with employees from many workplace sectors.
  • Apprenticeships workshops.
  • Trips to colleges and universities.
  • Writing letters of application and CVs.
  • Mock interviews with the Rotary Club.
  • Opportunities to interact with alumni in many subject areas.

Every student has multiple opportunities to liaise with employers from a range of workplace sectors every year. Local colleges and apprenticeship providers also work closely with our students on several occasions during the year.


Key Programme Documents

Brannel Careers Education Strategy 2020-23

Brannel Careers Learning-Journey

Brannel Careers Education Annual Plan 2020-21 – document under review

Brannel cluster primaries – Aspirations Passport


Measuring Impact

To enable us to effectively review our careers provision we use the Gatsby Benchmarks, a framework of eight guidelines that define the best careers provision in schools and colleges. We conduct a self-review against the Gatsby Benchmarks every term which enables us to evaluate the impact of our provision regularly.

We use The Careers and Enterprise Company’s tools to audit our careers provision and to keep track of careers related activity. These include:

We evaluate our school against the Gatsby Benchmarks using Compass, an online self-evaluation tool.

We record and manage our careers plan for the year using the Tracker tool, letting us track your school’s progress against the eight Gatsby Benchmarks.

Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit
The Gatsby Benchmarks is a framework of eight guidelines that define the best careers provision in schools and colleges.

High-quality programme providers
The Provider Directory helps us find organisations to deliver high-quality careers programmes within our school.

Definitive careers dashboard
Compass+ is an all-in-one careers provision tool.