Careers Education

Statutory Information

National Context: The government’s Careers Strategy published in December 2017 sets out clear guidance to schools and colleges about Statutory Guidance for School Leaders and optional best practice.

Baker Clause Policy Statement: Our Provider Access Policy (Technical Education & Apprenticeships) can be viewed on our Policies webpage.

Brannel School’s Careers Lead: Mr Jason Doolan. tel: 01726 822485 | email: [email protected]

Summary of Our Careers Programme

Brannel Careers Learning-Journey

How do we Measure Impact?

Our careers programme is designed around the Gatsby Benchmarks, a framework of eight guidelines that define the best careers provision in schools and colleges. We use The Careers and Enterprise Company’s tools to audit our careers provision and to keep track of careers related activity. We evaluate our school against the Gatsby Benchmarks using Compass, an online self-evaluation tool. We record and manage our careers plan for the year using the Tracker tool, tracking our progress against the eight Gatsby Benchmarks.

A key measurable success indicator for our Careers Programme is student destinations. Each year we identify and analyse the destinations of our Year 11 students taking into account their prior attainment.  For Year 11 students, we record pathways including Level 2 courses, Level 2 apprenticeships, Level 3 courses, and Level 3 apprenticeships. Our goal is to track students for three years from the end of Year 11, identifying and reviewing where students leave or change courses/apprenticeships.