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Our Alumni Community

Our alumni programme has enabled the school to re-connect with students who studied at Brannel School and discover their journeys since leaving. We currently have over 300 alumni members and are constantly growing.

Having grown up in the same community and sat in the same classrooms, our alumni can show our students that “people like me” do succeed.

At Brannel School, we know that access to relevant and relatable role models can transform a young person’s confidence, motivation and skills and that former students can be ideal role models. Alumni can support students as role models, careers speakers, mentors, volunteers, governors and fundraisers. Hearing from our alumni increases students’ knowledge about career and education pathways and improves their ability to make informed decisions about their futures.

We aim to:

  • Create an engaged, vibrant alumni community offering support to others
  • Share successes of former students
  • Keep friends in touch and re-connect old friends
  • Offer help to our school leavers, with university contacts or business contacts
  • Encourage our alumni to offer support to current students with careers advice and work experience

We are incredibly proud of what our former students have accomplished since leaving Brannel School. Alumni members include:

Former Brannel students are pursuing a wide range of careers:

  • Jonathan Fox MBE, Paralympian
  • Amy Behn, Paediatric Nurse
  • Natalie Dyer, Animal Conservation
  • Myles Sargent, Session Drummer
  • Luke Wheeler, Digital Media
  • Elizabeth Osborne, Optometrist
  • Kayley Lane, Sports Development Officer
  • Emma Raczkowski, Communications Officer at BAFTA
  • Emma Bilkey, Nurse
  • Dave Orton, Physiotherapist, Leicester Tigers
  • Aidan, Le Masurier, Cruise Ship Sports Coach
  • Amy Dyer, Specialist Lead in SEN
  • Cameron Danby, Dancer
  • Daniel Hawkey, Operations Manager
  • Erin Orient, Midwife
  • Josh Gilbert, Motocross Rider
  • Kim Hawke, Gym Owner
  • Sam Turpin-Brooks, Chef
  • Stephanie Matthews, Biomedical Scientist
  • Tara Pawley, Hair Salon Owner
  • Will Owens, Financial Auditor
  • Dominic Bilkey, Head of Sound and Video at the National Theatre

Are you a former student of Brannel School?

This is a network for life, one that our students and alumni have access to.  We intend to grow a network of contacts who can, in partnership with Brannel School, assist and advise students in their future career planning.

We appreciate that not everybody is able to visit the school to chat to our students about their career paths but there are other very important areas in which you can help us, if you are happy to do so.

If you can help, or indeed would like to receive help and guidance, in any way, big or small, please contact [email protected]

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