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Your Career Learning Journey @ Brannel

We want you to have a successful future! In order to help you identify your Fantastic Future  have a look at the infographic to find out what sort of activities you will take part in during your time at Brannel.

Brannel Careers Learning-Journey

Meet Brannel ex-students

Take a look at our Brannel Alumni pages to find stories about people like you: when they attended school, what they did for work experience, what they did after school, work pathways, and information about their current role.


Explore different roles and the job market

Our page on Labour Market Information may help answer some of your initial questions when thinking about your future career, including ‘how much would I get paid if I did that job?’ and ‘what type of person does that job?’

The following links will help you do some research:

Watch videos about jobs

Take this quiz to find a job that suits you

Read about different jobs

Find out about Cornwall’s jobs

Learn about 350 jobs in the NHS

Learn about job trends in the UK


Find out about Courses and Pathways

Info about Apprenticeships

Search for College courses

Search for University course

Compare Universities

How to get into different careers

Leading University (Russell Group) information

Apprenticeships in Cornwall

University Alternatives

Alternative providers in Cornwall

List of all Qualifications and Levels


SEND Support and Providers

Kehelland Trust Course

Learn with Newquay Orchard

Learn Your Way

Support Internships


Build your strengths and skills

Take this personality quiz

Skills employers want

Creativity and entrepreneurship

CV Builder

CV Writing Guide

Personal Statement writing guide

The National Citizens Service