School Buses

Cornwall Council operate a number of dedicated school buses which serve the villages surrounding the school.¬†Eligibility criteria for free home to school transport is set out within Cornwall Council’s Home to School Travel Assistance Policy. Find out if your child is eligible for free transport and how to apply: School Transport.

Expectations for Behaviour

We want every student’s journey to and from school to be as safe as possible. We know that the majority of pupils behave well on school transport, but occasionally the behaviour of some can make the journey unpleasant or endanger others.¬†Poor behaviour will not be tolerated.

We reserve the right, should students be involved in incidences of poor behaviour, to suspend them for one week from school transport. Please be aware that during this time it is the parents’ responsibility to make alternative transport arrangements to ensure continued attendance at school.

Should students continue to demonstrate poor behaviour they may have their transport offer withdrawn completely.