Curriculum Approach

When planning the curriculum for English, we refer to the skills developed at KS2 and ensure that there is progression. We also refer to the KS4 objectives, ensuring that we are preparing students for these skills. However, we also ensure that everything matches our vision for English.

English is an enabling subject, equipping students with the foundations for effective communication, expression, creativity, comprehension and analysis, not only across the curriculum but for life. The English curriculum inspires imagination, passion and curiosity in young people, as well as nurturing empathy and understanding. Students are given the opportunities and encouragement that they need to take risks and experiment with using language, forming opinions and developing resilience. They will be exposed to a wide range of texts and will engage with diverse issues, contexts and characters. These texts are brought alive so that students experience the passion of the writer, the drama of the performer and the immersion of the reader. English therefore not only equips students for life but aims to enrich their lives too.

Shared and collaborative planning of common schemes of learning and common assessments mean that implementation has consistency throughout the department. This is monitored through the teaching and learning cycle of observations and work scrutiny. The curriculum is reviewed regularly, using a combination of student, staff and parental voice, as well as an analysis of progress data.

Phase of Education Specific Requirements

Courses available to pupils at key stage 4, including GCSEs:

  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature

Find Out More

To find out more about the AQA English Language and Literature course, please visit www.aqa.org.uk.

Future Careers

Students who pursue a career or further education in English have engaged in a wide range of careers and course including: Editor and Content Manager, Social Media Manager, Technical Writer, Public Relations Specialist, Creative Writer, Grant Writer, Human Resources Specialist, Publishing, Journalism, Law, Teaching, Performing Arts, Politics, Librarian, Fundraiser.

English Learning Journey

We equip students with the skills and experiences during their time at school, to be able to progress to Further and Higher Education and ultimately be able to pursue a career within their chosen field. 

View our English Learning Journey.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Throughout the year the department runs various trips to see theatre and other productions at venues across the country. In addition, we are an RSC partner school, which means that our students have the opportunity to take part in RSC workshops and to see performances that are brought to the school. We are involved in the Kernow Youth Book Awards and students will present their nomination at the awards ceremony at the Eden Project. In addition, we have links with KEAP and have been able to give students the opportunity to visit the ‘Writer’s Block’ and work with professional writers.

The English Department is based in our Express Wing


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