Curriculum Approach

We are taking inspiration from the successful Kunskapsskolan (KED) approach developed originally in Sweden. Students are supported to achieve their personal learning goals through academic coaching and a transparent curriculum, supported by technology. As part of the international KED partnership of schools we also have opportunities to combine experiences and exchanges with other communities and countries.

Curriculum Vision

The role of a school is to prepare students to live and work in the modern, global society with its ever-changing challenges and difficult choices. Our vision for Brannel is a world class school where every student, through personalised learning and clear goals, will stretch their boundaries and learn more than they thought possible.

Core Values

  • All students are different: we need to allow them to personalise their pace, depth and ways of learning.
  • Students need challenging goals and to be held to clear requirements.
  • Education for life requires the knowledge, skills and a chance to develop a broad range of personal skills.
  • Life is what you make it. Students need to understand that they have to invest in their futures and develop a growth mindset.
  • An ethic of excellence should underpin everything we do.

Core Components

  • Personalised Learning Journey for each child: coaching, goal setting, learning strategies.
  • Bespoke Curriculum Design: subject design, theme projects, workshops, masterclasses, learning portal.
  • Skills Development: organisation, independence, collaboration, goal setting, self motivation, resilience, creativity.

An ‘Education for Life’

At Brannel School we prepare students to live and work in the modern, global society with its ever-changing challenges and choices. An Education for Life gives students the ability to see context and patterns, understand and interpret events, take decisions and make choices. It is a driving force for a continual deepening and broadening of their knowledge skills and understanding.

The Mastery Curriculum

At Brannel School, all students learn to become masters of their learning and of themselves as learners. We know that our diligently planned and carefully sequenced education across all aspects of school life gives every student the best possible life chance for their future.

Our Mastery Curriculum is academically rigorous and is underpinned by the National Curriculum as the fundamental entitlement of knowledge for every student, regardless of ability, prior attainment, SEND or socio-economic background. Subject specialists have designed the curriculum to ensure our students have equitable access to the fundamental knowledge and skills to be the masters of their future success, both within and beyond our community.

We are a learning community, where reading, literacy and numeracy are explicitly taught in all curriculum areas, so that students can develop a love of literature, problem solving and the power of stories. Our learning is coherent and explicitly explores the connections and links between different subjects and experiences. These approaches focus on progression by carefully sequencing knowledge and skills, providing clarity about what getting better at a subject means, and encouraging our students to set goals for them to master.

Our Learning Journey

When students arrive at Brannel School, they have already experienced a rich and immersive transition journey designed to embed curiosity and a love of learning.

Year 7

The Year 7 curriculum is about exploring students’ strengths and establishing effective learning habits, by becoming part of a thriving learning community, whilst developing the core knowledge, skills and character they need to be successful and happy learners, and Ready for Life.

Year 8

The Year 8 curriculum is about examining and extending students’ fundamental knowledge and skills, building on their ambition and actively designing their own fantastic futures. We focus on securing the foundational knowledge and skills in all subjects, developing inter-disciplinary habits of minds, ensuring all learners are able to identify the big ideas and key concepts in each subject.

Year 9

The Year 9 Curriculum is about embedding their knowledge and skills and developing an ambitious approach to their future. By the end of Year 9 all students will have covered at least the national curriculum in all foundation subject areas. They will be able to plan and select a personalised curriculum journey, that will enrich them as learners through and beyond Key Stage 4.

Years 10-11

The Year 10/11 Curriculum is about setting challenging goals and knowing how to reach them, developing a growth mindset and fulfilling ambitions. The curriculum prepares the study routines needed for success, drawing out their natural talents and personal qualities, which will lead them to positive outcomes.