How can I help?

As a parent or community member there are many ways you can volunteer at school including helping in the classroom, joining school trips, helping out with the school production and community events such as the Christmas Fayre and JulyFest.

If you are interested in a offering us some of your time to help with events, please contact the School Administrator, Mrs Christine Thomas, who will be delighted to discuss opportunities with you.

Telephone: 01726 822485 option 6


What Safeguarding checks will I need?

We want to avoid unnecessary and inappropriate criminal records checks which can be a barrier to volunteering. As a school volunteer, whether you are required to have a criminal records check or not depends on whether you will be working under supervision, how often you will be volunteering and the activity you are undertaking. Each volunteer role needs to be assessed on its own merits.

If you wish to discuss the criminal records check procedure and whether you will need to have one for the activity you are considering, please contact the School Administrator, Mrs Christine Thomas.

Telephone: 01726 822485 option 6