Ethos and Values

Our Mission, quite simply, is to be exceptional

At Brannel School we want to develop and inspire a diverse community of independent thinkers whose academic excellence and strength of character prepare them to make a meaningful difference in the world. What kind of students are we creating?

  • Self-directed Learners with a lifelong love of learning, who are motivated, resilient, and able to set themselves clear goals in order to achieve their personal best.
  • Creative Leaders who work well with others, who think outside the box and are not afraid to take risks in order to solve problems and drive innovation.
  • Well-rounded Individuals with the confidence to be who they want to be, and the integrity and commitment make a positive contribution to society.

Our Values


Our students and staff challenge themselves to aim as high as they can and be the best they can be. Our students achieve academic standards of excellence which enable them to shine against any competition nationally.


Creativity is the ability to think about a task or a problem in a new or different way, and the ability to use the imagination to generate new ideas. Creativity is one of the most critical skills for the future. Without creativity, there is no innovation. Creative thinking runs through school life at Brannel, infusing the way our students learn in every area of the curriculum.


Brannel is a learning community characterised by a sense of togetherness, positivity, and belonging. Our school is a place where young people from all backgrounds believe they can achieve and feel valued for exactly who they are.

We understand that “It takes a village to raise a child.” We work in a non-judgemental way with parents, carers, families and a wide range of support organisations and community groups to ensure that every student has the opportunities and support they need to achieve in their education and beyond.

Our Vision

“An exceptional and inspirational learning community with uncompromising aspirations where every student is encouraged to stretch their boundaries and achieve more than they thought possible.”

We shall achieve this through:

  • Creative, inspirational and accountable leadership.
  • A safe, secure and supportive environment in which to work and learn.
  • Excellent teaching and learning informed by the latest research.
  • A relevant and dynamic curriculum enriched by engaging experiences inside and outside the classroom.
  • Consistently high expectations for every student.
  • First class resources and state of the art facilities to support teaching and learning.

Our Ethos

Knowing Every Child

We understand that positive relationships between young people and adults reinforce a culture of excellent behaviour and a commitment to learning. We structure our school so that every student knows, and is known by, a key group of adults which include their Head of Year and Form Tutor.

High Expectations

We believe that, with the right support, every child can achieve their full potential. Our teachers recognise the individual potential of each of their students and challenge and support them to be the best they can be.

Excellent Teaching and Learning

We prioritise learning and development, making sure our teachers have access to high quality career development opportunities at every stage of their career. This ensures that our approach is always informed by the latest research.

Building Character

Our aim is to nurture a generation of game changers with the skills to succeed in life. Students participate in enrichment and co-curricular activities which challenge, stretch and inspire them, and which help them to develop positive character strengths such as creativity, resilience, confidence and empathy.

Exemplary Behaviour

We are committed to establishing a calm, orderly and energised environment in our school so that our teachers can focus on teaching and our students can focus on learning.

Prepared for the Next Steps

We encourage each student to explore their individual interests and talents as they design their own career pathways. Our bespoke careers education programme supports them to make informed decisions about their future as they prepare to take their next steps beyond school.