Ethos and Values

Our Mission, quite simply, is to be exceptional

At Brannel School we want to create and inspire a diverse community of independent thinkers whose academic excellence, global perspective, and strength of character prepare them to make a meaningful difference in the world. What kind of students are we creating?

  • Enterprising Learners who are creative, innovative and well-placed to enjoy future success.
  • High Performers who have the ambition, drive and opportunity to ‘climb the mountain’ to the best universities and professions.
  • Honourable Leaders with the confidence, integrity and commitment to make a positive contribution to our global community.


Our Values


Pursuit of Academic Excellence: Our students and staff challenge themselves to aim as high as they can and be the best they can be. Our students achieve academic standards of excellence enabling them to shine against any competition nationally.


Serving Others: Young people of today are the custodians of tomorrow’s communities. Our students learn to serve others, provide mutual support to one another and demonstrate empathy for everyone – including those who may be different in background, beliefs, or other ways.


Creative Problem Solving: Creativity is one of the most critical skills for the future. Without creativity, there can be no innovation. Our focus is on transforming teaching and learning in order to engage and inspire every student. This involves integrating creative problem solving across every aspect of school life.


Our Vision

“An exceptional and inspirational learning community with uncompromising aspirations where every student is encouraged to stretch their boundaries and achieve more than they thought possible.”

We shall achieve this through:

  • High quality, inspirational and innovative teaching and learning.
  • Inspirational and accountable leadership at all levels.
  • Consistently high academic standards and expectations for every individual.
  • Creative, exciting and memorable experiences inside and outside the classroom.
  • A safe, secure and caring environment in which to work and learn.
  • First class resources and state of the art facilities to support learning.


Our Ethos

High Expectations

We believe that, with the right support, every child can achieve. Our aim is for each and every one of our students – whatever their background or ability – to achieve their full potential.

Excellent Teaching

We prioritise learning and development, making sure that our teachers have access to high quality career development opportunities at all stages of their career.

Student-Centred Learning

We want our students to develop learner autonomy and independence. Working with Kunskapsskolan Education, we are delivering a curriculum which is SAIL-inspired. SAIL stands for Student Agency In Learning. This is a student-centred, highly personalised approach to education pioneered by Kunskapsskolan in Sweden for over 15 years and now used across the world.

Inspiring to Aspire

We have developed a bespoke enrichment programme designed to broaden students’ experiences and raise aspirations. Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities which challenge, stretch and inspire them.

Exemplary Behaviour

We are committed to establishing an orderly environment in our school so that our teachers can focus on teaching and our students can focus on learning.

Knowing Every Child

We understand that positive relationships between young people and adults reinforce a culture of excellent behaviour and a commitment to learning. We structure our school so that every student knows, and is known by, a key group of adults which include their Head of Year and Form Tutor.