Character Education

What exactly is meant by “Character”?

The Department for Education defines it as the ‘character traits, attributes and behaviours that underpin success in education and work’ e.g.

  • perseverance, resilience and grit
  • confidence and optimism
  • motivation, drive and ambition
  • neighbourliness and community spirit
  • tolerance and respect
  • honesty, integrity and dignity
  • conscientiousness, curiosity and focus.

Five foundations of character education

At Brannel we have a structured approach to character education which focuses on:

  1. Sport – which includes competitive sport and activities such as running, martial arts, swimming and purposeful recreational activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, orienteering, gym programmes, yoga or learning to ride a bike.
  2. Creativity – this involves all creative activities from coding, arts and crafts, writing, graphic design, film making and music composition.
  3. Performing – activities could include dance, theatre and drama, musical performance, choir, debating or public speaking.
  4. Volunteering & Membership – brings together teams for practical action in the service of others or groups, such as volunteering, litter-picking, fundraising, structured youth programmes and the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.
  5. World of work – practical experience of the world of work, work experience or entrepreneurship. This involves opportunities to meet role models from different jobs.

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