Anti-Litter Campaign

Brannel’s Eco Committee is taking steps to reduce the amount of litter being dropped at school and in the wider community with an anti-litter poster campaign.

Students were invited to enter a competition to design a poster and the Eco Committee selected the winners this week.

The campaign is part of the Eco Committee Action Plan this year to introduce more environmentally-friendly initiatives to Brannel School.

The winners of the anti-litter poster competition are:

1st place: Jake (8H) (turtle) / Charlotte (seal) (7G)

2nd place: Lily (7H) (slam dunk your junk)

3rd place: Holly (7G) (don’t be bitter, pick up your litter)

It is hoped that the posters will help to raise awareness of the importance of disposing of litter responsibly and using recycling bins wherever possible.