Brannel School: A KED Ambassador School

This term, Brannel School was visited by an international team of education experts from Kunskapsskolan Education.

Over the last two years Brannel has been working towards redeveloping curriculum provision to better meet the needs of its students. Brannel is a member of the Kunskapsskolan network and is introducing a new approach to teaching and learning inspired by the ideals and approaches in the KED Program. This is a student-centred, highly personalised approach to education pioneered by Kunskapsskolan in Sweden for over 15 years and now used across the world. Over 100 KED schools and KED inspired schools are operational across Sweden, UK, the Netherlands, India, USA and the Middle East.

Kunskapsskolan is proposing to make Brannel a KED Ambassador School, in recognition of the work already undertaken.

Just what is a KED inspired approach and why are we so excited about what it has to offer?

Based on the insight that it is impossible to teach in the same way at the same pace if you want every student to be successful, the KED approach puts the student at the centre of the learning process. This involves a technology-enhanced approach to personal goals, personal coaching and personal learning strategies for each student.

Brannel has invested in new technology. A new realsmart virtual learning environment brings the whole of the school online. Online learning and tracking tools enable students to set personal learning goals and build smartportfolios.

Teachers have also taken on the role of learning coaches. Each student spends time with their personal learning coach in order to understand their own learning abilities and strengths and identify their own academic goals. Together, the student and coach find strategies to reach the goals based on the student’s ability and way of learning.

What makes the KED Program unique is not the different elements of the model, but rather the comprehensive way these elements are put together to support personalised learning. By combining modern technology with classic coaching of the student by the teacher, the KED approach aims for students to be able to see their own progress and personal development step-by-step.

Part of a strong international network

Operating across six countries, the KED network has already provided opportunities for Brannel to collaborate globally as well as nationally. Teaching staff have visited Sweden and the USA where they have shared curriculum planning models and trained in the KED philosophy.

For more information contact Marc Cooper, Deputy Headteacher, [email protected]