GCSE Exam Results 2023

There were lots of smiles and happy tears as Brannel School’s Class of 2023 opened their exam results, surrounded by their friends, families and teachers.

Brannel School had strong results across a wider range of GCSE and vocational subjects, particularly in Science, English, French, Photography and Performing Arts. 

Headteacher, Chris Liles, said “Our results are the culmination of a huge amount of work from students and teachers.  I want to thank our teachers for going above and beyond to get the best out of every student.  

We’re so proud of this cohort of students.  Despite all the challenges they’ve faced over the past five years, their results still outperformed those in 2019 before the pandemic.

The students have demonstrated once again that hard work really does pay dividends.  We wish them well in all that they do and know they will have fantastic futures ahead of them.”

One of the first students to open their results was Willow, who was thrilled to find out that she had gained top grades in Science and Music.  Willow is looking forward to starting the International Baccalaureate at Truro with a view to going into a career helping others, like Psychology.

The top performer at Brannel was Head Girl, Jemima, who is looking forward to starting Truro College’s new Accelerate Programme in September.  The course is designed for students aiming for academic excellence in STEM subjects.  Jemima scooped eight Grade 9s and one Grade 8 and wants to study Neuroscience in the future.

Her cousin, Keziah, was the top student for progress and was particularly pleased with her Grade 9s in Photography and English Language.  Keziah’s Photography teacher, Mr Duenas, was thrilled for her, knowing how much time and dedication she’d put into her work.

Piran, from St Stephen, collected six Grade 9s in Computing, English, History and Science subjects.  He’s looking forward to studying A-Levels at Truro College with his sights set on a career in machine learning and software development.

Two students who will have to wait a little longer to find out their exam results are Kiera and Skye, who are currently sailing in the first leg of the Tall Ships Race, which left Falmouth last week.  The girls were offered sponsored places on the Tall Ship Maybe by the Roseland Youth Sailing Trust and are due to reach A Coruna in Spain over the weekend.