New Canteen Expansion

We are pleased to have secured the necessary funds to expand our Canteen facility.  Increased demand for places at Brannel School has meant that we are taking early steps to ensure that our students have a sufficient area for dining in the future.

Currently, due to Coronavirus guidelines, the school day has been adjusted to ensure that only one year group is using the Canteen at any one time.  To future-proof the dining area, the school plans to extend the current space.  This will ensure that it can accommodate more students, ease congestion and provide more seating for dining at lunch times.

The extension is planned to be completed by September 2021, ready for the new Year 7 intake.

This latest building development follows on from the Eco Patch project, which is already underway.  Investing in improvements and additional facilities is a key priority for Brannel, in order to offer students the best educational environment we can.