Year 10 Back to School

Since the beginning of lockdown we have been dedicated to delivering emergency provision, remote learning, centre-assessed grades, and preparing the school building to welcome back our Year 10 students. Although we don’t yet know what the national plan will look like in the longer term, we will continue to ensure that all our students are able to learn effectively even if disruption continues, that they are brought back into school in a safe and timely manner, and that the impact of the disruptions to their education is recognised in our national assessment systems.

“We’re so pleased to welcome Year 10 students back to school today.” Mr Liles, Headteacher

There are number of measures the school has put in place to ensure the safety of Year 10 students to be able to return to the classroom:

  • No more than a quarter of Year 10s in school at one time
  • Staggered timings to reduce contact
  • Temperature checks for students and staff entering the building
  • Students are taught in ‘pods’ of no more than 15, single classroom tables are arranged to adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Separate meeting and departure points
  • Students to wear face coverings on school buses
  • Additional cleaning of surfaces and toilets throughout the day
  • Provision for children of key workers continues to be offered
  • Pastoral support for students in school