November 2020 Mocks

These are important exams and you should treat them as you would your real exams.

Check when your exams are and make sure that you arrive at the exam room 15 mins before the start of your exam.

When you are not in an exam, your normal school timetable will apply and you should attend your lessons.

You must be in school uniform for your exams.

  Mon 23rd Nov Tues 24th Nov Wed 25th Nov Thurs 26th Nov Fri 27th Nov
Exam start time      9.15 am Option B Option C
 English Language Geography Construction 120 mins Child Develop 75 mins Maths
Paper 1 90 mins DT 120 mins Music 60 mins Paper 1
105 mins Hospitality 90 mins

Rooms end 11.30

PE 75 mins 90 mins
ET room 2h10 Ends at 11.40 ET 113 Ends at 11.15

Room Ends at  11.00

Spanish Listening


Sport Studies

60 mins

ET 113 Ends at 11.15

Room Ends at  11.00


 Room: Ends at 11.15 Room ends 10.15  Room Ends 10.45
Exam start time       12.00
History English Literature History Science C1
75 mins 105 mins 55 mins Combined 75 mins
 ET room 94mins Ends at 1.45  ET 2h 10 Ends at 2.15  ET 1h10 Ends 1.25 Separate 105 mins
Room Ends at  1.30  Room ends at 2.00  Room Ends 1.05



  Mon 30th Nov Tues 1st Dec
Science P1 Maths
Exam start time Combined 75 mins

ET 94 Ends 11.00

Room Ends 10.45

Paper 2
9.15 am Separate 105 mins

ET 2h20 Ends 11.40

Room Ends 11.15

90 mins
   ET 113 Ends at 11.15

Room Ends at  11.00

Exam start time Computing Start 11.30
12 noon 90 mins

ET 113 Ends 2.00

Room Ends 1.45

Geography 90 mins
ET 113 Ends 1.30

Room Ends 1.15

These items are not allowed:

  • Mobile Phones & electronic devices
  • Smart and digital watches
  • Headphones
  • Bottles with writing or labels on
  • Any drink other than water
  • Pencil cases that are not clear

If you bring these items into the room, you can be disqualified from the exam

You must have these:

  • 2 Black Pens
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Maths kit for maths & science exams
  • Calculator

We do not have any for you to borrow.

If you have any queries or concerns about these exams, please speak to:

  • Mrs Wilkins, Exams Officer
  • Mrs Harris, Data and Pastoral Team Manager
  • Mrs Wherry, Head of Year
  • Mr Goodwin, Deputy Head
  • Your tutor