Our Vision

At Brannel School we are passionate about learning. Our vision is to deliver a world class education that prepares our students fully for life by extending and refining their understanding and enjoyment of the whole curriculum, raising their standards of achievement and developing the skills that are essential for productive, rewarding, high-value employment in a modern economy.

Our Mission

Our mission at Brannel School is to enable every one of our students - whatever their background or ability - to achieve their full potential in life by encouraging them to use to best effect their unique talent, resourcefulness and creativity. >Read More<



Brannel School is committed to ensuring that our students and staff are protected from abuse and harm. We take this commitment very seriously and follow expected duties and guidelines to recognise, report and follow up any evidence of abuse. For more information, please view our safeguarding policies, contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead (Mr Cooper, Assistant Headteacher) or speak to a member of staff.

Our Commitment to our Community

Our passion might be learning – but our commitment is to our community. Brannel School serves an area which is widely recognised as having a particularly challenging socio-economic infrastructure. We are committed to uniting all of our stakeholders in delivering a shared goal of Brannel School as the learning centre of our community. We will continue to build on our strong record of tackling inequality and reducing achievement gaps in order to nurture confident, independent learners who are active participants in the community. We firmly believe that the young people of the ‘clay country’ are as talented as you will find anywhere:

  • Where they have ability, we will nurture it and ensure it is realised.
  • Where they have ambition, we will encourage it and provide the opportunities for it to grow.
  • Where young people to have low expectations of themselves, we will raise their self-esteem, increase their self-reliance and extend their aspirations.

Student Focus


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