Our Mission

Is for our students to aspire to achieve beyond the expectations that others place on them 

Brannel School is a growth mindset school. We believe that intelligence and academic ability are not fixed. Our staff and our students understand that success is based on learning, persistence and hard work. At Brannel, we provide high levels of challenge for every student. We foster a safe and secure environment in which our students are encouraged to make mistakes - in order to learn from them. We reward effort and not just attainment. Our goal is for each and every one of our students to be the best they can be.         >Read More<

Our School

Was completely redesigned and rebuilt in 2011 as a 'School of the Future' at a cost of over £17 million

School buildings should inspire learning. They should nurture every student and member of staff. They should be a source of pride and a practical resource for the community. As a ‘School of the Future’, Brannel is a welcoming and exciting place in which to teach and to learn. Our state-of-the-art facilities reflect our educational vision of high expectations, high-quality teaching and learning, specialism and excellence, local collaboration and community involvement.

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Our Safeguarding Commitment

At Brannel School we are committed to ensuring that our students and staff are protected from abuse and harm. We take this commitment very seriously and follow expected duties and guidelines to recognise, report and follow up any evidence of abuse. For more information, please view our safeguarding policies, contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead (Mr Cooper, Assistant Headteacher) or speak to a member of staff.