School Policies

Each of our policies address an area of the working of the school to ensure transparency and clarity about our procedures and protocols. In some cases there may be some overlap between the scope of particular policies. In these instances you should find that there is consistency between the documents. If you have any questions about these policies, please contact the school.

Brannel School Policies

Absence Request – Please use this form when requesting a student absence
Admission Policy 2020-2021
Admission Policy 2021-2022
Admission Policy 2022-2023
Admission Policy 2023-2024
Attendance Policy
Accessibility Plan
Anti-Bullying Policy
Assessment and Feedback Policy
Behaviour for Learning Policy
BTEC Policies and Procedures
Careers Policy
CCTV Policy
CELT Admission Policy 2024-2025
CELT Managing Allegations and Low Level Concerns Policy
CELT Secondary Admissions Policy 2025/26
CELT Unacceptable Behaviour Policy
Child on Child Abuse Policy
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
Collective Worship Policy
Designated Teacher Policy
Educational Visits Terms & Conditions
Exams Policy
Exams Escalation Policy
Exclusions Policy
Female Genital Mutilation Policy
Home Visit Protocol
Health and Safety Policy
Independent Learning Policy
Instrumental Tuition & Provision Terms & Conditions Policy
Intimate Care Policy
Keeping Children Safe in Education
Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy
Managing allegations including low level concerns
Nurture Provision Statement
Online Safety Policy
Use of Force to Control or Restrain Children Policy
Relationships and Sex Education Policy
SEN and Disability Policy
Single Equality Policy
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy
Provider Access Policy – Technical Education and Apprenticeships
Uniform and Appearance
Whistleblowing Policy
Young Carers Policy

Multi Academy Trust Policies

Brannel School is part of the Cornwall Education Learning Trust. A number of policies apply to all academies within our trust. These can be viewed on the Policies page of the Cornwall Education Learning Trust website.

CELT Assessment & Reporting
CELT British Values
CELT Charging & Remissions
CELT Code of Conduct for Teaching and Support Staff
CELT Complaints Policy
CELT Data Protection Policy
CELT Finance Policy
CELT Health & Safety
CELT IT Acceptable Use Policy
CELT IT Information Security
CELT IT Network Policy
CELT Publication Scheme
CELT Recruitment Policy
CELT Reserves Policy
CELT Safeguarding Policy
CELT Scheme of Delegation – Governors
CELT School Meals & Debts
CELT Whistleblowing
CELT Privacy Notice – Staff (How we use your information)
CELT Privacy Notice – Students (How we use your information)