Challenge Week 2020

Our Challenge Week activities booklet is now available: Challenge Week 2020

Following a highly successful Challenge Week last year, we are looking forward to running the week again this year. Challenge Week is for students in Years 7‐ 9.

  • Year 7 students will all follow the activity schedule designed for their year group.
  • Years 8 and 9 have the option of either selecting one of the 5‐day activity packages for the week or selecting a 3‐day activity package plus individual 1‐day activities for the remainder of the week.
  • Year 10 students do not take part in Challenge Week as they are on work experience placements. And for Year 11 students this is their GCSE exams period.

As a school we are extremely proud of the diversity of the curriculum we offer students at Brannel. Challenge Week is a fantastic week; the curriculum is enriched by providing students with activities that cannot normally take place in an average school day.  Activities have been put together to provide every student with the opportunity to try something new and work with others as part of a team. The point is to challenge them to work outside their comfort zone. Some students may be staying away from home for the first time, for example. Our aim is for each student to take the plunge into new experiences and potentially develop a skill or interest that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  We are offering a range of activities, varying in cost, with some being a minimal contribution or free. This allows every student to participate.

Please note that prices are currently indicative. Prices will be confirmed once student numbers for each activity are known. You will be advised on the exact cost in due course.

If you have any concerns relating to booking activities please, in the first
instance ask your child to speak to their tutor.  If this does not resolve the situation, please contact the school on 01726 822485 or email [email protected]

Challenge Week 2020