New LGBTQ+ Support Group

Nationally, 42% of LGBTQ+ students face bullying in schools (Stonewall; 2017) and are at greater risk of some types of abuse such as homophobic, biphobia, transphobic bullying or hate crime.

To address this national concern, Brannel School has been looking at how it can increase support for the LGBTQ+ community. This includes providing an inclusive education and to ensure all children are given a safe and supportive environment to learn and understand what LGBTQ rights are through our PHSE programme, and the recent development of the LGBTQ+ support group.

The support group and is open to all those who identify as LGBTQ+, and allies of. The group aims to educate on LGBTQ+ matters, provide support and a safe space for students to express themselves as part of an LGBTQ+ inclusive education. The group meets once a fortnight at lunch time with key members of trained LGBQT+ staff, a representative from Intercom Trust and the school counsellor.

The impact of this support group has been profound, seeing students take part in:

  • Decorating genderbread biscuits
  • Creating and decorating Pride-based art
  • Decision-making about the group activities and roles

Having over 30 students access this support group, it is wonderful that our students feel that they have a safe and friendly environment in which to be themselves.

As part of our provision and in recognition of the work Brannel School is doing, we are now looking to apply for the ‘Rainbow Flag Award’ for 2022-2023. This process will support the school by providing a review of our policies, access to training for our teachers and access to educational resources; helping to implement a positive LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum.