Update on our Expansion Project

We are delighted to have been offered the opportunity to work with Cornwall Local Authority to expand Brannel School. Demand for places at Brannel has steadily increased over the last few years. We now have approximately 850 pupils on roll in a building designed for 750 pupils.

Cornwall Local Authority, which is responsible for planning school places across the County, is forecasting a continued increase in demand for school places and has asked us to permanently expand the number of schools places we can offer. Brannel currently has a Published Admissions Number (PAN) of 150. This means we can offer 150 places in each year group i.e. a total of 750 pupils across our five year groups. It is proposed that from September 2022 our PAN will increase to 180. This will increase the total number of school places we are able to offer from 750 to 900. Given that we already have over 850 pupils on roll due to the need to meet increased demand, new classrooms are required to ease accommodation pressure. Cornwall Local Authority has agreed to fund a new classroom block.

We consider this a fantastic opportunity for our school as it enables us to offer sufficient places to meet the number of pupils applying for their first preference place at Brannel School. The proposed new classroom block will not only provide teaching and learning facilities to reflect the high standard of provision we provide in our main building, but will also provide dedicated offices and meeting spaces from which to deliver pastoral services to meet the growing need to support the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

We are required by the Department for Education to undertake a four-week consultation on the proposal to increase our Published Admissions Number. The consultation ran for a period of four weeks, from Monday 11th April 2022 until Monday 9th May 2022. The Consultation Response Report summarises all responses received.

More information

Consultation Response Report

The consultation period is now closed. Thank you to those who responded. The Consultation Response Report summarises all feedback received.

Will there also be a planning consultation?

As building work is required for the school to expand, we will be submitting a planning application for the proposed changes. It is noted that all normal planning processes, including planning consultation, will apply. Views and comments received as part of this consultation will be used to shape the planning application.