Returning to School Guide

THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC has presented unprecedented challenges for us all; challenges that at Brannel School we have met with creativity, resourcefulness and compassion. We understand that life at home for many families has been difficult, and we are eager to see our students safely back to school, where they belong.

We are confident in our ability to thrive in response to the challenges of all year groups returning in September and have set out this guide outlining the measures Brannel has taken, and continues to take, in preparation for the school to re-open on Monday 7th September.

We have made adjustments to our school site and ways of working to facilitate the safe return of students, in line with Government guidance and support from our Trust, CELT. This information guide is designed to provide both current and in-coming students, parents and families with an outline of all we have currently in place to support the safe return of students.  We have based our plans on the latest government advice and will update our plans and advice to reflect any new advice issued.

We hope this guide answers any questions you may have, and you are reassured by all we are doing at Brannel.

Return to School Guide

Return Letter