Alumni Story – Dave Orton



Did you enjoy your time at Brannel School?

Very much so, good friends, teachers and lots of memories.


Do you have any special memories of your time at Brannel School?

Good friends and lots of laughter.


When you were at school, did you have any specific career dreams or aspirations?

I left Brannel in 1997 and wanted to become a physio for a professional sports team.


When did you decide on your career path?

I was about 14 years old and it seemed like a good idea to work in sport and try and fix athletes.


What did you do immediately after leaving Brannel School?

I went on to study at St Austell College.


Where do you work now?

I’m Managing Director for a national marketing agency called XCLUU.


What does your current role entail?

MD duties. Recruitment, managing the team, finances, business development and client output.


Is there anything you are particularly proud of relating to your life and/or career?

I’ve had an amazing 14 years working in professional sport with Watford FC and Leicester Tigers Rugby but have now decided to have a change of career to increase income, flexibility and challenge myself.


Is there any advice you could offer for someone considering a similar career?

Be well prepared and well researched. Work hard and always smile. Be kind and engaging and you never know where it will take you


What are your hobbies?  How do you like to enjoy your spare time?

Being a dad and a husband, exercise and travelling.


Do you feel that your time at school, helped you to progress in life?

Completely. I learnt lots and was able to get into the career I wanted.


What are your immediate/long term plans for the future?

I plan to build XCLUU into a nationally-recognised brand helping small businesses.


How has COVID-19 affected your work?  Are you doing things differently/trying new things?

The digital world has helped to make the pandemic as small a bump as possible. Businesses who are succeeding are those who have adapted quickest and best.