Starting Year 7

The Year 7 Learning Journey: What is the Brannel Curriculum?

Our curriculum vision is for a world class school where every student, through personalised learning and clear goals, will stretch their boundaries and learn more than they thought possible.

We are taking inspiration from the successful Kunskapsskolan (KED) approach developed originally in Sweden. Students are supported to achieve their learning goals through academic coaching and a transparent curriculum, supported by technology, which allows them to move at their pace and depth to meet their personal goals. As part of the international KED partnership of schools we also have opportunities to combine experiences and exchange from and with other communities and countries.


Transition to Brannel School

We understand that the transition from primary to secondary school can be exciting but sometimes a little scary, which is why we make sure it’s as smooth as possible.

Our subject departments host a series of transition days to help your child meet their new teachers and get an idea of what lessons at Brannel will be like.

We invite new students and their parents to an induction evening to share important information about starting secondary school.

During the summer, our holiday activity programme provides an opportunity to take part in challenges and activities on the school site, get to know the school building and meet new friends.


Meet the Head of Year 7 and the Year 7 Tutors

To help new Year 7 students get to know Mrs Wherry (Head of Year 7) and the tutors for 2021-22, we have created a video introducing each of them.


What’s it like to be a Year 7 at Brannel School?

A ‘day in the life of a Year 7’ has been created to help you understand what life is like at Brannel School.

Pastoral Support

Mr Richards, Deputy Head, explains what happens in tutor time and how our Pastoral Team helps to support the wellbeing of students.

How we are raising standards

Mr Goodwin, Deputy Head, shares how Brannel ensures that every child has the best possible chance of being the best that they can be.

SEND Support

Our SENDCo, Ms Woodstock, explains how children with special educational needs and disabilities are supported at Brannel School.

Further information can be viewed here:

What is the Brannel Curriculum for Year 7?

What will my child study in Year 7 at Brannel?

Transition Booklet 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Year 6 Weekly Transition Challenges

Each week, starting 28 June, Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to join in weekly challenges and earn merits before even starting Brannel School.

Week 1: Art

Option 1: Create a forced perspective photograph by using an object or person in the foreground and background. Photograph from an angle that connects them together as one.

Option 2: Recreate a tasty treat or food using paper, card or any other materials you can find at home.

Week 2: Virtual Camp

Plan a route for a walk, using a map.  Add detail to the map about things that you see on your journey when you get back.

Create a new outdoor game – make it silly, educational, active, brain-draining….the limits are only in your imagination.

Week 3: English

Write a mini-saga story told in exactly 100 words. Your story should have the title ‘New Beginnings’.

To enter this challenge, send your story to Mrs Wherry: [email protected]