Alumni Story – Will Owens


Did you enjoy your time at Brannel School?

Yes, I have many great memories from my time at Brannel School.


Do you have any special memories of your time at Brannel School?

I would always say that the people I met at school would be the memory I always smile at when I look back on my time at Brannel. I was very lucky to meet some great friends at school and this is something that I have for life.


When you were at school, did you have any specific career dreams or aspirations?

I always aspired to have a career in finance/accountancy.


When did you decide on your career path?

I decided on my career path early on in my life. Lucky for me, my family were always very supportive and helped me to carve out the career path which I decided upon. However, the division of finance I work in today was a decision that I made later in my academic studies and was made during my studies at college.


What did you do immediately after leaving Brannel School?

After leaving Brannel School, I attended Truro College to study A levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Accountancy. During my time at Truro College, I applied to a range of “school leaver” programmes for some of the biggest accountancy firms in the world and I was fortunate enough to select a role at one which was best fit for myself.


Where do you work now?

I currently work for BDO who are a global accountancy firm. The office I am situated in is Bristol although much of my work is focused in London as well as opportunities of working on international clients.


What does your current role entail?

I work within the Audit Department at BDO, specifically, I specialise in performing audits on clients in the financial service industry such as Asset Managers, Building Societies, etc. A typical day in my life at BDO involves client meetings, maintaining client relations, reviewing, testing and preparing client accounts, analysing and cross-checking financial details. I’m in a role which has clear progression, offers variety and is challenging. I am constantly learning about how businesses operate and the skills I gain on a daily basis through work and study are invaluable.


Is there anything you are particularly proud of relating to your life and/or career?

I would say I am proud that I set a goal of obtaining a job in the finance sector and I successfully managed to reach that goal. Now it is all about reaching my next goal of becoming an ACA qualified accountant.


Is there any advice you could offer for someone considering a similar career?

My advice to someone considering is a similar career would be to always work hard and give 110% effort in everything you do. Working in finance, having experience with Excel and its functionality is a very good skill to master. However, don’t think of accounting as only a numbers person’s job; you will cover a vast amount of topics while training and the insight into the everyday running of the business that you will get is invaluable.


What are your hobbies? How do you like to enjoy your spare time?

I am a big football and West Ham fan. I have a season ticket for West Ham who I go and watch each weekend – home and away. When I am not at the football or working, you will most likely see me socialising with my friends


Do you feel that your time at school, helped you to progress in life?

School was a big part in my progression so far. School taught me valuable life skills and provided me with the right building blocks to build my career. School also taught me resilience and to never give up.


What are your immediate/long term plans for the future?

My long term plan is to obtain my ACA qualification (Chartered Accountancy) and continue to progress through the roles within BDO. Luck enough for me BDO is a worldwide firm, and so, one day I would like to get a secondment to a BDO office in Australia or New Zealand for a short period of time to experience a different culture of working.


How has COVID-19 affected your work? Are you doing things differently/trying new things?

COVID 19 has certainly provided challenges within the finance sector. Specific to me, this resulted in me working from home since the beginning of March and I continue to do so right now. This has resulted in a more digital working environment using sources such as Microsoft Teams to collaborate with each other.