Molly becomes a published writer!

Molly from Year 9 has been recognised for her excellent creative writing skills after learning that her third original piece of writing is to be published by ‘Young Writers’.

Mrs Hocking, Assistant Headteacher said ” Molly has worked so hard on her creative writing over the past few months and it is fantastic that this hard work is now being recognised and is paying off.”

Molly has received recognition for her ghost story, mini saga and a poem, entitled ‘My Way’.

My Way

I am always there because life isn’t fair,

I have got a body, I might have no hair,

I don’t want to be alive nor dead,

You cannot change me,

Except maybe in your head,

You can make me ugly,

You can make me sad,

You can make me fat,

You can make me thin,

But what you cannot shape is what’s truly inside,

You can try to change me but good luck,

This is me and how I look,

I might be straight,

I might be gay,

But at the end of the day,

This is my way.