Year 7 Goal Setting Development Day

12th November 2019


Re: Y7 Goal Setting & Development Day – 29th November 2019, 9.15am – 3.15pm

Dear Parent

I am writing to give you details of the ‘Goal Setting and Development Day’ for Year 7 students, which will be our first opportunity sit down together and talk in detail about your child’s goals for the future, and how they are approaching their learning.

This will be an opportunity to meet with your child’s tutor and celebrate your child’s progress so far. We hope you will see what they have learnt in the first term, and to take part in an important goal setting session, that will help support and motivate your child’s learning journey, throughout Key Stage 3 and beyond.

A key element to your child’s progress, will be developing the skills of goal setting, and planning to meet these goals. This day is all about laying the foundation stones of this learning strategy, and your involvement in this process is of fundamental importance. Students have already been reviewing their learning and starting to set subject goals with the support of their Coaches/Tutors, through coaching sessions.

The day will run from 9.15am until the last appointments end at 3.15pm. On the day appointments will last ten minutes and will be led by your child with support from their tutor.

You will be able to book your appointments through our parents’ evening platform, which you can find on the school’s website or by clicking this link.

Please note that the 29th November is a normal school day and your child will meet you in the foyer, where they will escort you to your tutor meeting.

Yours sincerely

Mr A Harris

Head of Year